Sharing is NOT caring.

It has become necessary to address the honor system I have employed since the founding of in 2013. Purchasing a class does not give you rights to share the material owned by You are only authorized for personal viewing.
We have been operating on a system of mutual trust. I respect the people who have purchased classes from Learn Leather, and I have always believed that mutual respect would go a long way towards protecting the intellectual property of the instructors who have contributed to the collective of leather working knowledge compiled here.
I have recently become aware that some people have decided that their interests outweigh those of the instructors and me by sharing these links without authorization.
As many of you know, throughout my leather work career, I have donated classes, time and even money out of my own pocket to help those who are in need. I have even donated on behalf of Learn Leather.
If there is someone in need, I am more than willing to consider helping should their situation warrant it, but that is my decision to make. Please contact me to see if an arrangement can be made before giving away my work product for free.
Therefore, there will soon be changes in how video content is accessed by users in order to protect the integrity of the process and the rights of the instructors, some of whom rely on this sort of income to survive.
I do not want to make the end user experience difficult which is why I chose to bear the burden of sending class links to you rather than making you responsible for finding and downloading them. The new security measures will be as streamlined as possible while adding a layer of protection no currently available.
Thank you for your understanding,
Mike Dale

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