Leather Tips

1)  Use your tools less.

Use them less?  But how does this work?  Consider this.  When tooling, use the minimum number of tool strikes to achieve the desired effect.  The more familiar you become with your tools, the more confident you will become in striking them.   By focusing on less strikes, you will learn how to hit your tools effectively, thus eliminating the “overworked” look that sometimes happens on leather projects.  Here, you can see my very first piece of leatherwork.  I didn’t know what the tools did, or how to strike them, and it shows.









2)  Buy the right tools.

Sometimes, an inexpensive tool looks like a bargain, but I have found that spending a little more on a quality tool will save you a lot of heartache down the road.  The extra cost up from is worth the years of enjoyment and added performance over a cheap tool!