Below you can view a list of the instructors who have collaborated with Learn Leather.


Chris “Slickbald” Andre

Chris "Slickbald" AndreA professional leather artist and maker in Frederick Colorado. While working mostly in Cowboy Action gun leather, he also dabbles in saddles, cowboy trappings and motorcycle gear. Chris is also an active and competitive member of SASS and Cowboy Fast Draw, and is a lifetime competitive shooter. Chris teaches a variety of classes at the Southwest Leather Worker’s Trade Show, the Rocky Mountain Leather Worker’s Trade Show, as well as private classes at his shop in Frederick Colorado.

He also has authored and published a variety of instructional pattern packs available at


Nigel Armitage

nigeI started working leather in 1990 under the tutelage of a wizened and grumpy old saddler who taught me to stitch by making me unpick an old harness and re-stitch it over and again. Whilst tiresome, this gave me an excellent foundation in the traditional saddle stitch. Having cut my teeth and expanded my skills I broke out into independence and began creating bespoke items undertaking work for Harrods, Rolls Royce, Bentley, the British Boxing Board of Control and British Rail. I have been accepted into the guild of Master Craftsmen and recently moved into teaching. I have been approached by QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholar Trust) to act as a mentor and taught students in person and online from all over the world.

Robert Beard

Roberd BeardAn accomplished leatherworker in many regards, Bob has been awarded the prestigious Al Stohlman award in addition to many other awards, and he is an outstanding leather artist.  Bob is also the creator of Pro Series tools, arguably some of the best tools on the market.  Bob’s 44+ years of experience in leatherwork as an artist, instructor and tool maker has put him in an elite class of instructors.


Mike Dale

Mike DaleMike is an award winning leather artist who specializes in personal items such as wallets, purses, belts, and gun leather.  Mike also makes custom bar stools, and it was these that got him noticed by publications such as the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal.  Since then he has had numerous articles published and is a regular contributor to the Journal. Mike founded in order to share his passion for leather work and bring high quality leather work instruction to people’s homes. You may see Mike’s work at


Chan Geer

Chan GeerChan began working in a saddle shop in Sheridan Wyoming when he was a young boy helping his Dad repair saddles.  He has won the prestigious Al Stolhman Award and has been a regular contributor to the Leather Crafters and Saddler’s Journal with “Fun with Stamping Tools” articles.  Chan is a wonderful teacher and is able to bring his decades of experience to the student in an easy to understand way.  Specializing in Sheridan Style carving, Chan is a wealth of knowledge and valued contributor to


Aaron Heizer

Aaron has been working with leather for the last 15 years. He began while in the military finding that it was a great form of stress relief from the Army Life. Aaron has taught leathercraft at several military installations over the course of his career and retired in 2014. He now shares a leather shop in Killeen Texas with Clay Miller where they create not only custom leather items, but also Clay’s line of stamps and leather tools.


Kim Holowaitiuk

kimh (1)Kim is leatherworker and also a professional beader with 31 years experience. She specialized in both traditional loom and off-loom beading and has taught several classes on various beading techniques from loom work, to peyote, to bezel setting stones, and is the only Canadian Certified Mirrix Loom instructor. She is inspired by traditional native beading techniques and enjoys incorporating various beading styles into her leather work. Kim also enjoys collaborating with fellow leatherworkers, creating unique beaded inlays for their leather projects. Kim lives in Alberta Canada with her husband Bill. Her work can be found on her facebook page ,or on her website at:

Adam Tanner

Adam TannerAdam made his first leather project over 30 years ago from a Tandy starter kit. This began Adam’s passion for leather. During his rodeo career, his skills in leather craft began to increase as he made gear for himself and his friends. Word quickly spread and he could soon support his rodeo habit with leatherwork. He began building saddles out of necessity 15 years ago and he has been gaining knowledge in that craft since. After 12 years in the marketing industry he opened his own full time leather business in 2012. Since then, Adam has maintained a regular 4-5 month backlog of work. “The last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach others and help them develop their skills.”

Chris Wright


Chris started leatherworking nine years ago as a passing whim after an allergic reaction ended his woodturning career.  Most of those years have been spent focused on products for the motorcycle industry and applying other artistic interests, such as painting, to leather. For the most part, Chris learned airbrushing from books and an old roommate. He was a fantastic painter and Chris would spend hours just hanging out and watching him work. Little did he know, a decade later, he would end up being recognized for it himself. While Chris’s main business is leatherworking, he can also be found writing for the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal and teaching private classes in his shop in Southern California.

Paul Zalesak

Paul ZalesakFounder of Leather Wranglers Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Paul is a leather artist, knife maker, and metallurgy expert. Paul started tooling in 1974 under the tutelage of Jimmy Resley from El Paso, TX. He has done extensive research in the technology and science of metals and metal alloys. Being a college professor for more than 25 years, Paul teaches seminars on swivel knife finesse, sharpening, and cutting edge technology. He also authors regular “On the Edge” articles for the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. He is a member of New Mexico Roadrunner Leather Artisans’ Guild, vice-president of International Internet Leathercrafters’ Guild and a member of Lone Star Leather Crafters.

Kathy Flanagan

Back in 1970, Kathy began leather craft as a 4-H project. She finished out her last year of 4-H with her three favorite projects: leather craft, horse and poultry, all of which she is still into today. Little did she know that leather would play such an important part of her life.

As soon as she was too old to continue as a 4-H member, Kathy became a 4-H leather craft leader, teaching the younger kids all that she had learned so far. That, too, has carried on throughout her life, and she even won the award of “Outstanding 4-H Leader of the Year” in 2005.

Kathy has a flare for teaching figure carving, from a flat caving to the extreme embossed variety. She has studied Al Stohlman’s techniques, and has come up with some of her own. Along with the art of tooling facial features, muscle tone and hair, she also teaches pictorial carving, involving trees, flowers, wood, water, rocks and more.

Great achievements have been accomplished with her leather craft career. 2005 brought her the certification into Masters in leather craft. In 2016, she was awarded the coveted Al Stohlman Award. Only two months earlier, she received the award “Master Leather Artisan of the Year” from the Academy of Western Artists.

One attribute that will forever be cherished is that Kathy has been asked to teach all over the country and in many other countries. Spreading the knowledge of leather craft is of much importance to her, and she has taken advantage of opportunities to do so.

Britt Nantz

Britt began leather work in 2002, but he has had a passion for art since he was a child.  While in Jr. High School, Britt was approached by the Chicago Art Institute and Disney corporation because of his raw artistic talent.  Britt has also studied engraving, silver smithing and in no small part, life, which he says is what fuels his art more than any other aspect.  Britt resides in Texas with his wife and children






Rex Goulet

Rex is an accomplished leather worker who has placed numerous times at the World Leather Debut in Sheridan, Wyoming and has been featured as a cover artist on the Leather Crafter’s and Saddler’s Journal.  Rex lives in California with his wife and he enjoys art, music and long walks on the beach.





Freddie Matara

Freddie began leather work after he saw some wrist wear and thought, “I could make those…”  A decade later, Freddie has created his own style and leads the industry in hand made wrist wear.  Freddie is world traveler and an accomplished musician.  In addition to running a successful business, he also enjoys teaching others how to create leather items.











Dave Skinner

Dave Skinner is a veteran graphic designer with over 20 years in the industry.  Dave specializes in Adobe Illustrator and uses it to great effect in creating accurate patterns for his leatherwork.  Residing in Canada, Dave also writes for the Leather Crafter’s and Saddler’s Journal.




Serge Volken

Serge Volken is an accomplished leather worker and the recipient of the prestigious Al Stohlman award for excellence in promoting leather craft.  Also known as Bigfoot, Serge takes a minimalist approach to leatherwork, focusing more on artistic design and expression than specialized tools, and he would rather create a million designs with two tools than with a million tools.  Serge also shares his great knowledge of ancient footwear and the witticisms of his salty alter ego.

Sibil Joho

Sibil Joho – from Horgen Zurich, Switzerland – is a freelance graphic designer / illustrator and specializes in portraits on leather, in acrylic glaze technique. In the «leather scene» her vivid portraits are well known by now.The leather is a fantastic medium. Here, the 3D effect comes into its own perfectly. Exactly her thing! She has been interested in faces since childhood… especially the eyes. And with leather in combination, she has discovered her great passion.Sibil Joho also designs and sews high-quality leather goods, all unique pieces.