We have finalized the details of the Aegean Leather Retreat!

The retreat pricing will include accommodations from your arrival at the hotel Sunday, September 18, 2016 until your departure on Sunday, September 25, 2016.
You will be staying at a four star all inclusive hotel, in which unlimited drinks, and all meals are provided. However, we have built some of the best sightseeing and local cuisine into the day trips so you can enjoy what the island has to offer. Additionally, we have a boat trip to the Island of Simi planned.
The price for all of the above is included in the Retreat pricing of 690.00 Euro per person for couples and 775.00 Euros per person for single occupants. The difference in price is due to the fact that daily room costs are split with couples. If you are a single traveler and would like to pair up with another single traveler, that can be arranged.
Originally, we had planned on including airfare as well. We found however that some people were  able to find better deals on flights than the ones we could provide for them, so airfare WILL NOT be included. However, if you would like us to check flights for you to compare, we would be happy to do so.



  • NIGHTLIFE- drinks and food outside of sponsored trips are not included
  • SHOPPING – obviously 😛


Available classes:

  • Peter Main is scheduled to do a two day class on a french fit swivel knife presentation box which will feature techniques applicable throughout your leatherwork.  price:  250.00 Euros
  • Michael Dale will be doing a class on the basics of leather carving. He will cover swivel knife work, beveling, geometric stamping and as it is a small group, he’ll take questions on whatever else you’d like to know.   price: 150.00 Euros
  • Natalie Orfanidi will teach a class on painting Comic/Manga characters with acrylic paints, however her techniques are applicable across many styles of leatherwork.  price: 150.00 Euros
  • Instructor X We are planning on having another instructor added to the itinerary, depending on availability and time. Details for this will be announced at a later date.

Final thoughts: We have worked diligently on getting the best pricing available for you, and we will also be able to arrange rental cars for anyone who wants one. For the day trips, we will be providing transportation to make it easier for everyone. The hotel is in the downtown area so you will be near shopping, food, beaches and sight seeing.

Contact us for more details and participation!










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